Amazing expirence with ELITE SPORTS cricket Bat.

1. Used by Indian great Virat Kohli

The ELITE SPORTS Chase Master is appropriately named. Used by Indian great Virat Kohli, this bat’s name has been inspired by his ability to knock off many a run chase in ODI Cricket.

Millions of cricket fans are inspired by the Indian captain. This was also the case with legend Sachin Tendulkar - another very well-known user of the ELITE SPORTS brand. Kohli’s focus on hard work, commitment, and dedication to improving his game, along with his confidence, makes him a great catch. This then ties in closely with the cricket brands he uses - so if Virat Kohli is an idol of yours, this bat is hard to ignore!


2. Excellent for stylish players focused on control

Are you a top-hand dominant batsman? The Chase Master has several key features that enable batsmen to focus on their strokeplay, especially those all along the ground:

  • Performance for top-handed players begins with the grip. The Chase Master has the well-known white grip, with high-quality rubber for maximum performance.
  • The drive is a source of many runs for top-hand batsmen. The Chase Master’s handle is designed to absorb the shock of fast-paced deliveries and enable power driving.
  • Its wide sweet spot enables both accumulation and faster-rate scoring.

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