Which Cricket Bat is the Best for You

Cricket bats are made up of willow. They are mainly of two types – the English willow and the Kashmir Willow.

To become a good batsman, choosing the right type of bat is crucial. The right bat can not only support your batting skills, it can enhance your performance and technique.

But how will you understand which is the bat for you? Choosing a cricket bat is no child’s play and it takes years of practice to understand which cricket bat is exactly right for you. The best blade for a Kohli isn’t the one for Dhoni. Selecting the right one needs lots of trials and a deep understanding of your game. However, starting with some basic knowledge will help you to zero in on the perfect match faster. Unfortunately, most beginners and casual batsmen err in their choice of bats for lack of knowledge. Here’s a guide to help you start on the right note.