About us

Mission: To craft a perfect batting experience for professionals and amateurs alike.

Elite Sports, with the help of its uniquely crafted bats, pledges to deliver a premium batting experience at an affordable rate. Our mission is to reach out to every nook, every corner and every gully of this country and transform the way we play this beautiful game called cricket. We aim to give a new face to gully cricket by redefining the dynamics of this sport. It’s where every person playing this game will be able to enjoy the sport to the fullest. Every batsman will be able to experience the game like a true professional and the game will not be limited by the lack of right gear.

Spirit of the Gully
We live in a nation that celebrates Cricket like a religion. The spirit of this sport engulfs our country and is responsible for this incomparable craze for the game. It is by far the most popular sport on our home soil and everyone wants to play it. Cricket is found everywhere in this country. From Stadiums to building compounds; from empty streets to narrow lanes; from grass turf to muddy patches; you name it, we have it! Owing to the lack of cricket grounds, most people often have to make do with makeshift versions of the game. You can call it an improvised variant of the sport, a variant that we now know as Gully Cricket. Every cricketer in India, be it professional or amateur, has been exposed to this form of the game in some way or the other. The star players of today probably discovered their love for the game in these tiny gullies.

Middled it Right
While the spirit is in the right place, the gear is not! A wicket can easily be replaced with a pile of stones, a pair of footwear or even a rubber tyre. A leather ball can be replaced with a rubber or a tennis ball. But how can you replace the thump that jolts through your veins when you hit the perfect shot? How can you replace that sudden surge of adrenaline you feel when you hit the ball in the right spot? How can you possibly replace the feeling of gripping a bat, that makes you feel invincible? Well, you just can’t! This is where Elite Sports come into play, no pun intended!

Creative Engineering
With an extensive study of different playing techniques, we have crafted a bat that supports all formats of the game. Our bat making process is a perfect blend of science and creative design thinking, which has helped us put together a bat, which delivers unmatched balance, grip & control. You get all of this and more at a rate that fits your pocket. Can it get any better than this? We don’t think so!

So, every time you take the strike, get ready to enjoy your batting experience to the fullest and while you are at it, do not forget to relish the true spirit of the game.